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Chipper Knives

Chipper Knives
Chipper Knives

As a machine knife maker in China, Henglida can provide wide range of cutting knives for paper industry, for example chipper knives, slitting knives and slotting knives, etc.

How to Choose Right Chipper Knives:
To make high quality chipper knives, Henglida need to choose high quality raw material. Usually, we adopt steel as the raw material of our chipper knives. And generally speaking, steel's main ingredient is iron; and some other ingredient like carbon, sulfur, silicon, molybdenum, manganese and chromium, etc. are added to make steel. And among those ingredients, Mo, Mn, Cr, especially Cr, are the most expensive. High quality steel will have more of the three ingredients.
If you want to find the right chipper knife, you have to make sure that the machine knife supplier has strict control on raw material choosing.

We can provide chipper knives with wide range of shape, size and raw material. Welcome to contact us for any of your cutting need, whether it is chipper knife, shredder machine knife, or any other machine knife for paper industry.

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