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Paper Guillotine Knives

Paper Guillotine Knives Paper guillotine knife for Postpress Industry
Paper Guillotine Knives

Brief introduction on paper knives and paper guillotine knives supplier:
A good paper guillotine knife should be able to cut paper with smooth and clean cutting edges and can also be used for a long time.
At Henglida, a machine knives supplier in China, you can obtain this kind of high quality cutting knives.

Raw materials:
Paper cutting blades made of tool steel, high speed steel, hard alloy steel and tungsten carbide, etc. can all be provided here.
For newspaper printing industry, we suggest use tungsten carbide machine knives.

Technical Parameters of paper guillotine knives:
1. Angle of chamfer (single sided blade): 22-24 degree
2. Tolerances:
(1) straightness accuracy of blades: 0.1mm/1000mm;
(2) blade flatness: <ra 0.1um;
(3) parallelism: 0.02mm

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