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Special Cutting Knives

Brief Introduction on Special Cutting Knives:
Henglida, a machine knives manufacturer in China, can provide not only standard cutting machine knives for paper, leather, plastic and rubber products, but also various special cutting knives, including machine knives for directly cutting foods like chocolate, creamy candy, jelly, etc.; cutting blades for producing pencil, chopsticks and so on.

Irregular-shaped Cutting Knives
1. Irregular-shaped Cutting Knives
(1) Available cutting blade types:
-Cutting knives for label cutting, photographic paper cutting;
-Cutting knives especially designed for producing pencils, chopsticks, matches, and any other bar-shaped products;
-Food cutting knives for cutting chocolate, creamy candy and for producing canned foods.
(2) Available materials:
At Henglida, cutting knives made of carbon steel, alloy steel and high speed steel, etc. could all be provided. Specifically, we can provide cutting machine knives made of 9CrSi, Cr12MoV, W6Mo5Cr4V2, W18Cr4V, etc.
And cutting blades made of any other material could also be provided upon request.
(3) Applications:
Many of our special cutting knives are made in order to satisfy the cutting need of industries like printing, textile, plastic and plastic product manufacturing, etc. Special slitter knives, engraving machine blades and super-thin cutting knives are among the best selling cutting knives of Henglida.

2. Flower-shaped Cutting Knives
Henglida flower-shaped cutting knives are especially designed for cutting asbestos shingle. Six-petal and twelve-petal cutting knives are both available. Trimmer knives (trimmer blades) are also provided here.

Specifications of Flower-shaped Cutting Knives:
Specifications Outer diameter/Ф Inner diameter/Ф1
Ф268.2×Ф100×3 268.2 100
Ф262.1×Ф60×3 262.1 60

3. Jelly Cutting Knives
Cutting Knives for producing jelly are made upon the request of a food manufacturer.
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