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Rotary Slitting Knives

Rotary Slitting Knives
Rotary Slitting Knives

Introduction on Rotary Slitting Knives:
Henglida offers a comprehensive range of rotary slitting knives and accessories made of high quality raw materials. And standard and nonstandard cutting blades are both provided. Standard slitting knives are in stock ready for shipment and they are all made in accordance with OEM standards, so as to enable all our customers to get the most possible cutting blades for their cutting demands. Nonstandard knives could be made according to your requirement on their sizes, styles, hardness and material, etc.

Related Services:
Henglida, as a machine knives supplier in China with over ten years manufacturing experience, deeply knows that service and quality are extremely important. We have a group of senior technicians to provide any suggestion on your cutting problems.

Accessories for Rotary Slitting Knives:
1. Spacers
--Our spacers are made of polyurethane materials and superhard steel. They can save as much as 70% weight.
--Tolerance: ± 0,001mm
2. Lightweight spacers
--Save as much as 60% weight
--Tolerance: ± 0,001mm

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